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Dear Friends


"Give us today our daily bread"


When Jesus taught us to pray he invited us to live each day trusting in and grateful for God's provision. He also taught us to live generously, giving freely of our time and money for the benefit of those in need, and for the building up of the body of what would become the Church. In Matthew 6.21 and Luke 12.34 Jesus famously declared; 'Where your heart is, there your treasure is also.' So thinking about how we spend our money has a very clear spiritual dimension, and can reveal much about our priorities in life.

In last month's magazine I flagged up the fact that during the Autumn we will be undertaking a financial health check of our Church here in Whalley, part of which will involve thinking about what it means for us as Church members to 'Give in Grace'. St. Paul, writing to the Christians in Corinth regarded giving as much as a spiritual gift as any other, writing; 'Just as you excel in all things - in faith, speech, knowledge...so we want you to excel also in this grace of giving' (2 Cor.8.7).

As with any project in the Church the starting point should be with prayer, and so I invite you to use the prayer card, included with this magazine, over the next few weeks, so that together we might grow in grace and be ready and willing to give not only in grace but also with joy.