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St Mary and All Saints Whalley,

Every six years the Church Electoral Roll undergoes a complete revision and 2019 is that time again. This means that everyone has to fill in a new form, and the old roll ends. New forms will be available from me and from the Parish Office. I will announce all the relevant dates in church on 27th January and 3rd February but there will be plenty of time after that to get your form signed for completion by 17th March. The roll will then close until after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 7th April 2019.

Anyone who lives in the parish of Whalley is entitled to be on the church electoral roll. If you live outside the parish but are a regular worshipper at St Mary and All Saints Whalley (that is, you attend at least once a month over a period of six months) then you are also entitled to be on the roll. Please talk to me if you have any queries.

Catherine Duckworth
Electoral Roll Officer
01254 823323