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By the time you receive this October edition of the Parish Magazine there will be just 4 weeks before Remembrance Sunday. ‘Whalley Remembers’ is arranging a number of events, details of which you will find in the magazine.

Occasionally you may hear someone on the radio or television ask “What is Remembrance all about?” “It all happened many years ago and has no relevance to modern life.” Or you may hear comments to the effect that Remembrance glorifies war with all these retired soldiers dressing up with their medals….and so on.”

I have had the benefit of working with members of the Armed Forces in this country and those of our Allies. I have seen the effects of war (Kuwait) on a country and its people…….whilst this bears no comparison with what our servicemen and women experience it helps to give an understanding of why we remember.

So what is Remembrance all about? In the Eucharistic Prayer in the Anglican Order of Holy Communion (Common Worship) you will find the familiar words ‘Take and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for you and feed on him by faith with thanksgiving.’ We have been remembering Christ’s passion for two millennia and will do so until the day He comes again. Likewise we remember those who gave their lives in two World Wars so that we may live in the freedom we enjoy (and take for granted) today.

Ask any retired serviceman or woman about why they march and they will say that they march for those who made the supreme sacrifice for their country, that is for you and for  me. The Parade at the Cenotaph in Whitehall represents the gathering of the Nation in Remembrance and Thanksgiving.

But Remembrance is not just about those who gave their lives in the wars. It is about the loved ones left behind, it is about those who worked tirelessly at home to support our servicemen and women, it is about those who did return but scarred physically and mentally for the rest of their lives.

So please support ‘Whalley Remembers’; look at our enamel badges and printed mugs and come along and attend our events! All proceeds will go to the Royal British Legion.

Thank you to Ali who has stepped in to edit our magazine this summer; it has made the job much easier for me to fill the gap for a few months. In the meantime please consider if you could edit our Magazine; it fulfils such an important role to those who attend church and those who cannot!