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Great aunt Thurza (aged 81) enjoyed living in sheltered accommodation on the fringe of anytown.  She was popular with her neighbours, friends and extended family.  Whenever people visited they usually took a small pressy such as a cake, biscuits, fruit or a magazine which she appreciated.  All too often the visitors, as they left, offered her a small piece of advice to make her life easier.  After a little thought Thurza would shout ‘rats’ and forget it.

One day Thurza only made one mistake, she got up.  She couldn’t find her slippers, her toast fell on the floor, and so on, and by lunch time she’d had enough of many silly happenings.  Whilst enjoying sardines on toast, as Bargain Hunt had just started, her neighbour Charity dropped in with a little gossip.  As Thurza didn’t like reheated food she carried on eating but Charity told her to leave it till she’d gone!  Our usually amiable host hotly told her visitor that she was fed up of bossy people.  She was finishing her warm lunch full stop.  Charity left in a huff.  

Very likely there are a good few people like Thurza who have a long fuse and quietly suffer bossy people – until! Then they say what they think.

Many years ago we, the family, visited my maternal grandma in a Yorkshire care home.  As we entered the home, matron asked my mother to have a word with grandma. She’d been setting about some of the care staff with her stick.  Grandma’s reply was ‘I may have lost the use of my legs, but I’ve still got my faculties.  I’m fed up of being treated as simple!’  Oh Dear!

How often do people forget themselves and try to take over, then, wonder why others get upset with them.  People frequently mean well but the time or the place may be wrong.  I wonder what Jesus would suggest.


Regards  Jim Holt.