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For quite some time young Jess had had one burning ambition in life.  To achieve his dream he was slowly collecting air miles.  One day his dream quickly moved forward ­– Tesco’s had an offer on; quadruple air miles on biscuits.   Jess was first through the local store door and purchased £800’s worth of ginger nuts.  His flight application went in and he just managed his Concorde flight before they were grounded.

Most people usually have an ambition connected with their work or profession.  One 8/9 year old girl I knew confidently declared she was going to be a doctor.  Most people were sceptical, including me, but she achieved her goal and went on to be a bones consultant.  

A few people in the past left school at 15 with the label 11+ failure and drifted.  I left school at 15 with people suggesting I became a Jim the brush sweeping the shop floor.  Others thought I should be a meck boy using chemicals to clean the  machinery.  No way!  I left school and became a windowdresser.  Time moved on and after looking at the extended family with teachers, social workers, bank cashiers, artists and a solicitor I decided it was time do something. Then after a few years at night school the big day came.  I handed my notice in at work and went to uni.  Many thought I was a fool, but with hindsight I’m glad I made the move. Whilst at uni I continued as a Reader in West Burnley.  That’s enough on me.  

A goodly number of people may claim there’s nothing that they wish to achieve.  As a Christian we should all want to achieve a closer relationship with God.  Our ambition should be to love God and our neighbour.  Reading the Bible, commentary’s, and a variety of books, then talking about them will help us achieve our ambition.  Fr Denis Burke CR – who I’ve spoken about     before – went to 2 summer schools at St Anselm’s Rome to learn more about Divine Love.  He still feels he’s a long way off reaching full understanding of his chosen subject.  I wonder what your Christian ambition is and will you achieve it?

Regards     Jim .