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Dear Friends

Welcome to the first edition of our new look parish magazine; a first attempt at giving the magazine a bit of a make over, it is however a work in progress and so next time it may well look slightly different again. Thanks to John Pilkington for putting this particular edition together, but he is only a very temporary editor, and elsewhere you will find the advert for a new permanent editor. Could it be you?

On a different subject, you may have come across the phrase 'Giving in Grace' before. If so you will remember that it refers to the way in which we support our Church by regular gifts of money, either by using weekly giving envelopes, standing orders, or simply by putting something in the collection plate on a Sunday morning. All being well the money received matches the bills to be paid, but from time to time we begin to fall behind and when that happens it is important to raise the matter with the whole Church family and encourage one another to review how, and how much we give. Just like our household bills, the cost of maintaining the mission and ministry of our Church increases year on year and it is important that our regular income is able to meet not only our immediate needs, but also allows us to explore new ways of being the Church here in Whalley. To that end in the Autumn we will be running a 'Giving in Grace' programme, and I, the Wardens and PCC, would simply like to ask that if and when you receive information about the programme you will consider it seriously and prayerfully. Thank you.