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Did you know that the Queen collected pepper grinders? Recently a renowned poet presented her with a grinder from a local Italian restaurant in the shape of a waiter (Italian of course).  Every time you twisted the grinders head it declared in a fake accent, ‘You’re breaking my neck!’  Prince Harry, in his Highgrove bedroom, has a collection of Zulu relics and Everton scarves. It’s surprising what people collect and where it can lead too!

One of the tutors on the Northern Ordination Course enjoyed rummaging through second hand book sales, shops and stalls.  One afternoon he picked up a tatty looking book on Thomas Merton for 10p.That purchase sparked off a hunt for further books written about him or by him.  Through the tutors interest he and his family spent a holiday visiting places connected with Thomas Merton.  That original 10p purchase led him along an interesting trail of reading and visits that increased his knowledge and faith in God.

I wonder if anyone hereabouts has been in a similar situation where an inexpensive purchase has led them along an interesting trail of discovery.  Maybe if hunting through used books isn’t our thing we could, like Jesus, read something from the scriptures - the Hebrew Bible (OT).  Don’t forget that there was no New Testament about in Jesus’ times.  One of the 5 books of the Law or Job could be a starting point.  And who knows where that reading may lead too.




Jim Holt.