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What is the Gospel we have to proclaim?

As the world prepares to ogle over a baby in a manger, our beloved Church of England struggles to proclaim to adult minds a Gospel of universal love which speaks to all levels of our evidently troubled society.
As long as our message seems to depend on an ancient story (Genesis chapter 2) about a divinely planted garden, two naughty people and, as a result, the whole world punished until a sacrifice was made – people won’t listen, never mind believe!
Genesis chapter 1 offers the concept of an emerging universe which over approximately 13.8 BILLION years of evolution, under divine guidance and enlightenment has created Humanity on Planet Earth as a climax. And the final climax of the whole mysterious process is JESUS – God’s gift to us all.
The Birth we celebrate this month led to a campaign for Human Rights which neither a rigid Jewish Religion nor a defensive Roman Government could tolerate. The “holly bears a thorn” – a sacrifice was inevitable and a sword pierced a Woman’s soul – and women continue to be pierced today.
May your Nativity celebrations awaken an awareness of God’s patient and loving interventions in our world, and our personal lives.